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NIBM working paper series is an initiative to disseminate the initial research outcome of NIBM faculty members. The major research areas are Finance, International Finance, Credit Risk, Market Risk, Operational Risk, Treasury, Agricultural Finance, Economics, Marketing, Strategy, Operations Management, Analytics, Information Systems, and Human Resource Management within the broad areas of banking and finance. These research works are not peer-reviewed. The idea is to share the research outcomes to receive comments and suggestions. Some of the papers are expected to be under review for possible publications in peer-reviewed journals. Any citation of these research papers requires to mention of the appropriate URL with the source, and the date of access.

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Paper Number:  WP/02/2021
Publication Year:  November 2021

Sectoral Imbalance, Structural Change and Growth: How Different Are India and China?

Authors:   Partha Ray,
Subhasankar Chattopadhyay

In comparing the historical experience of structural transformation in two large Asian economies, viz., India and China, we note that the high growth rate in India post-liberalization was marked by an absence of any rapid industrialization. The pace of structural change (i.e., economy moving from predominance of agriculture to …

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Paper Number:  WP/04/2021
Publication Year:  November 2021

Loan frauds and Bad Boy Billionaires: A new approach of loan fraud prevention using Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Authors:   Dipali Krishnakumar
Smita Roy Trivedi,
Richa Verma Bajaj

Credit frauds, where a loan turns into bad debt on account of fraudulent activities damage the core business of the banking industry and dent its reputation. While transactionsbased activities like credit card frauds or cybercrimes are captured at a point in time, credit frauds perpetuate over time. We present …

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Paper Number:  WP/05/2021
Publication Year:  November 2021

Linkage between Credit Risk and Liquidity Risk in Indian Banks: A Comparison of the Pre & Post Basel 3 Conditions

Authors:   Arindam Bandyopadhyay,
Mayuri Saxena

This paper investigates if there exists any inter-linkage between credit risk and liquidity risk and examines key contributing factors to determine both the risks for the scheduled commercial banks in India. We have used a panel data of total 43 public and private commercial banks in India during the …

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