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Dr Arindam Bandyopadhyay

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Professor and Dean (Academic Programme); Principal, PGDM (B&FS)

M.Sc. (Economics), Calcutta University; M.Phil & Ph.D (School of International Studies - JNU); JRF & SRF (UGC)

Finance ,Credit Risk ,Corporate Financing Pattern

Dr Dipali Krishnakumar

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Associate Professor


Finance ,Accounting ,IFRS

Dr Elizabeth James

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Assistant Professor

M.COM. (Financial Management), PhD

Corporate Finance ,Credit Analysis and Management ,Financial Planning and Wealth Management

Dr Kedar nath Mukherjee

Associate Professor (Finance )

M.Com. (Accounting & Control), M.Phil. (Commerce), PhD(Business Management)

Finance ,Financial Derivatives ,Market Risk ,Fixed Income Markets

Dr M Manickaraj

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Associate Professor, Editor (Vinimaya)


Credit Analysis ,Carbon Finance ,Financing SMEs ,Equity Investment Management

Dr Richa Verma Bajaj

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Assistant Professor

MBA (Finance), MIB, PhD

Risk Management (Credit and Operational Risk) ,Credit Management

Prof Sanjay Basu

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Professor, Editor (Prajnan)

M.Sc.(Economics, Calcutta Univ.), Fellow (IIM, Calcutta)

Game Theory ,Applied Contract Theory ,Asset Liability Management ,Market Risk Management ,Fixed income Portfolio Management

Dr Tasneem Chherawala

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Associate Professor

M.S.(QE), PhD

Financial Derivatives ,Project Finance and Loan Syndication ,Bank Capital Structures ,Risk Management and Quantitative Risk Models for Credit and Market Risk

Mr. Sanjay Kanchi

Adjunct Faculty

B.E., M.B.A

Credit Analysis ,International Finance

Shri Purushottam Bedekar

Adjunct Faculty

B. Com, Cert AIIB, Diploma in Management (IGNOU), Certified Financial PlannerCM

Business Strategy, NPA Management, Digital Banking, Financial Planning