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The NIBM Podcast series, NIBM Insight, is a unique podcast where students of our PGDM programme interview NIBM faculty and leading industry experts on issues that matter in banking and finance. Dr. Smita Roy Trivedi, introducing the series, is Associate Professor in Money, International Banking and Finance Area Group Podcast team: Dr. Smita Roy Trivedi and Dr. Elizabeth James, Faculty, NIBM, Shri Parag S. Tiwari, Executive Officer, Placement, PGDM. Camera: Shri Deepak Shitole, Audio-Video Technician, NIBM Edited by: Dibhanshu Kumar, PGDM, 2022-24 URL:


Self Service Technology in Banking and Financial Services

Dr. Kaushik Mukherjee, Professor and Dean of the Executive Training Programme at NIBM, bring to you profound insights from his latest research on the subject of self service technology in banking and financial services. Brace yourself for a treasure trove of knowledge that will undoubtedly enrich both banking and financial service companies as they rapidly embrace this transformative technology.


Current Global Economic Prospects

Prof. Partha Ray, eminent macro-economist and Director, NIBM talks about the "Current Global Economic Prospects". Starting with the strategic importance of Russia and Ukraine, Prof. Ray moves on to discuss the issues the world economy is grappling with and will have to face due to the Russia Ukraine conflict. Number of issues get flagged viz currency composition, export basket, and currency reserves of a country. He also points out how India is in a relatively safer position due to the discipline and pro-activeness of the Reserve Bank of India and the Government of India. URL:


SVB Collapse: Causes, Implications, & Lessons

Prof Sanjay Basu, Dean Research and Editor, Prajnan talks about the recent SVB crises. He delves into why the crises happened and the key lessons for regulators worldwide. URL: