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NIBM working paper series is an initiative to disseminate the initial research outcome of NIBM faculty members. The major research areas are Finance, International Finance, Credit Risk, Market Risk, Operational Risk, Treasury, Agricultural Finance, Economics, Marketing, Strategy, Operations Management, Analytics, Information Systems, and Human Resource Management within the broad areas of banking and finance. These research works are not peer-reviewed. The idea is to share the research outcomes to receive comments and suggestions. Some of the papers are expected to be under review for possible publications in peer-reviewed journals. Any citation of these research papers requires to mention of the appropriate URL with the source, and the date of access.

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Paper Number:  WP 13/2022
Publication Year:  April 2022

Digital Disruptions and Transformation of Bank Marketing

Authors:   Sarita Bhatnagar,

Banking industry is at the cusp of a disruptive revolution led by the advent of digital technologies. This paper intends to describe the impacts of digital disruption on one specific function, i.e., marketing of banking services. We explore the evolution of technology in banking, transformations from traditional marketing paradigm …

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Paper Number:  WP/12/2022
Publication Year:  February 2022

Recovery Induced Operational Efficiency of Indian Commercial Banks: An Alternative Approach to Accommodate Stressed Assets as Undesirable Byproducts

Authors:   Gargi Sanati,

In a comparative framework, we estimate technical efficiency of Indian banks during 2009-10 to 2017-18. We consider advances and recovery of stressed assets as desirable outputs, while NPA and slippage as undesirable byproducts. Our conjecture (from the prior observations) that public sector banks lag way behind the private sector …

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Paper Number:  WP/11/2022
Publication Year:  January 2022

Household Inflationary Expectations and Monetary Policy: Does Gender Matter?

Authors:   Saibal Ghosh
Partha Ray,

We explore the evolution of inflation expectations of households in response to a change in monetary policy and whether there is a differential impact across gender. Relatedly, we also segregate this behaviour in terms of extensive versus intensive margins and the evolution of such behaviour during periods of key …

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Paper Number:  WP/10/2021
Publication Year:  December 2021

Examining Attitude towards Chatbots: A Survey of Retail Bank Customers in an Emerging Market

Authors:   Kaushik Mukherjee,

This study has been undertaken on the basis of self-determination theory, unified theory of acceptance and use of technology, and the theory of planned behaviour. The study examines the attitude and intention of retail bank customers towards chatbots. The findings show that self-determination/motivation, performance expectancy, social influence, and facilitating …

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Paper Number:  WP/09/2021
Publication Year:  December 2021

How Do Bank Specific Factors Effect Deposit Growth? Some Findings from Indian Banking

Authors:   Anjan Roy,

Growth of deposit in banks is primarily influenced by macro-economic environment factors. However, despite facing similar business conditions, some banks are able to achieve higher and sustained growth of deposits than others, which indicates to the importance of bank specific factors for deposit growth. This study attempts to determine …

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Paper Number:  WP/08/2021
Publication Year:  December 2021

Distinctive Pay-Off of Packing Credit and Bank Loan for Indian Exporters: A Nonlinear Approach

Authors:   Gargi Sanati,
Anup Kumar Bharndari
Rudra Prasad Roy

In the framework of uneven access in bank finances, our study empirically examines the asymmetrical contribution of the large and small exporters in India’s export growth. By using panel threshold model developed by Hansen, 1999 we examine the impact of packing credit and other available sources of bank finances …

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Paper Number:  WP/06/2021
Publication Year:  December 2021

Do Emerging Markets Evaluate M&As Correctly? : Evidence from India

Authors:   N. K. Chidambaran
Dipali Krishnakumar,
Madhvi Sethi

We examine whether emerging markets capture the value impact of corporate events using data on acquisitions by Indian Firms. We measure market reaction to acquisition announcements using Cumulative Abnormal Returns (CAR) around acquisition announcements and measure the longer-term performance using matched sample buy and hold abnormal returns (BHAR) and …

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Paper Number:  WP/07/2021
Publication Year:  December 2021

Inclusive and Responsible Finance for Enterprises Development: Study of Mann Deshi Bank and Foundation

Authors:   Naveen Kumar K,

Entrepreneurship is seen as a critical factor in promoting inclusive growth and development. Entrepreneurship among the poor women is seen as a survival rather than for growth or development, due to lack of access to formal finance, markets, skills and knowledge. For more than two decades, Mann Deshi Bank …

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Paper Number:  WP/03/2021
Publication Year:  November 2021

Into The Unknown: Uncertainty, Foreboding and Financial Markets

Authors:   Smita Roy Trivedi,

"A revised version of the paper is accepted for publication in Asia Pacific Financial Markets, Springer, Date of acceptance: March 19, 2023"

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Paper Number:  WP/01/2021
Publication Year:  November 2021

Digital Financial Inclusion: Policies and Business Models

Authors:   Naveen Kumar K
Deepankar Roy,

Improved access to formal financial services boosts economic development, decreases inequality, and benefits people at the bottom of the pyramid, more specifically small and marginal farmers, micro and small enterprises, women, and other excluded segments of the population. The digital disruptions and emergence of innovative business models in the …

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