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The Institute is located in sylvan surroundings in a picturesque valley in the Pune city in the State of Maharashtra. The Campus is spread over a 62 acre plot of undulating landscape with minimum of distraction and pollution. It has its own self-contained campus with complete residential accommodation for faculty, staff and students. 

The campus is well equipped with number of lecture halls/ classrooms, where at any given time, five to six training programmes can be conducted simultaneously besides the PDGM classes.  It has well furnished hostels, for the bank executives, and EDP hostel with VIP rooms for the senior and top bank executives, dining halls, cafeteria for staff and students.   A multi-purpose hall, used for various activities, besides the convocation ceremony of PGDM.

Library: Library has a unique collection of more than 67880+ Books and 180+ reputed international and national Journals (with 14000+ bound volumes) in various disciplines. Though the library has been built up mainly to cater to the needs of the banking and financial sector, it is well equipped in subjects like Economics, General Management, Leadership, Behavioral Sciences, Quantitative Methods, Sociology, Agriculture, Rural Development, Microfinance etc. Apart from receiving important publications of various Indian Government agencies, NIBM library receives publications of international institutions like International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Central Banks of various countries, newsletters, house journals, economic bulletins issued by various Indian banks also. The library has a substantial collection of CD-ROMs, VCDs/DVDs, etc. The Library also subscribes to different databases.

Another focal point in the Institute is the well-equipped Computer Services Center providing excellent IT Services to the users. The Center is equipped with the state-of-the-art computing facilities to support the research, training and consultancy activities of the Institute. At present, there are two computer labs consisting of Intel-i5/i3 Desktops, projectors and audio systems and being extensively used during the demonstration/hands-on sessions of our training programs. Both the lab computers are facilitated with the Internet connectivity.

Desktop Computers with internet connectivity were also been provided in the Hostel Premises for easy computing facility to the participants after office hours.  We have installed higher end access points of Wi-Fi in all the Hostels and Lecture Hall Complex to get good connectivity of Wi-Fi to all the participant and students. The entire campus is wi-fi enabled and hence, 24x7 Wi-Fi connectivity is available to PGDM Students and employees of the Institute on their own devices in the Office Area as well in the Residential premises of the NIBM Campus.

Since pandemic, online classes are conducting thru Cisco Webex for participants as well as for PGDM students. From this year onwards hybrid classes are also conducting by using Cisco Webex Roomkit.

The campus has medical facilities available for all the participants, students, faculty and staff and the family members.  There is one Medical Consultant and one Resident Medical Officer.

The post-office and the commercial bank branch is well within the campus premises.