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Sports teaches us some of the most important life skills of stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit, which was witnessed in abundance during the inauguration of the swank new basketball and tennis courts by the Municipal Commissioner of Pune, Mr. Vikram Kumar (IAS) in the lush green campus of NIBM on 8th February, 2023. The opening ceremony was led by Dr. Partha Ray, Director – NIBM along with Dr. Arindam Bandyopadhyay, Dean (Academic Programme) – NIBM and the distinguished faculty members accompanied by the enthusiastic students and NIBM staff. After the formal inauguration, Mr. Kumar sportingly tried out a few ‘free throws’ and ‘bank shots’ on the basketball court before going for the tree plantation that was followed by his official address to the NIBM students, faculty and staff in the campus auditorium. The proceedings of the event was set in motion by Dr. Arindam Bandyopadhyay, and the honourable Commissioner was formally introduced to the assembled gathering by the respected Director.

In his enlightening address to the audience, Mr. Vikram Kumar shed light on the burgeoning growth of Pune and the need to overcome municipal budgetary constraints through external funding to the tune of Rs.20,000 crores for vital infrastructure development projects via Municipal Bonds. In this regard, he pointed out the key macro role that bankers and the banking sector as a whole plays in the lives of the citizens apart from its basic functions of accepting deposits, extending loans to individuals / corporates and transferring funds. He was also glad to note that the NIBM campus is not only a green oasis but also equipped with its own STP thus setting a sterling example for other educational institutes. The event ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Arindam Bandyopadhyay.


Mr. Vikram Kumar, Commissioner - PMC inaugurating the NIBM Sports Court.

Mr. Vikram Kumar, Commissioner - PMC, trying out a few throws & shots on the new basketball court.

(L-R) Mr. Vikram Kumar, Commissioner - PMC after the tree plantation ceremony along with Dr. Partha Ray, Director - NIBM and Dr. Arindam Bandyopadhyay, Dean (Academic Programme) - NIBM.

Mr. Vikram Kumar, Commissioner - PMC addressing the audience; (L-R) Dr. Arindam Bandyopadhyay, Dean (Academic Programme) - NIBM and Dr. Partha Ray, Director - NIBM on the dais.