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List of Working Papers

Working Paper Number Title Publication Date Authors Corresponding Author
WP/11/2022 Household Inflationary Expectations and Monetary Policy: Does Gender Matter? January, 2022 Saibal Ghosh, Partha Ray Partha Ray
WP/10/2021 Examining Attitude towards Chatbots: A Survey of Retail Bank Customers in an Emerging Market December, 2021 Kaushik Mukerjee Kaushik Mukerjee
WP/09/2021 How Do Bank Specific Factors Effect Deposit Growth? Some Findings from Indian Banking December, 2021 Anjan Roy Anjan Roy
WP/08/2021 Distinctive Pay-Off of Packing Credit and Bank Loan for Indian Exporters: A Nonlinear Approach December, 2021 Gargi Sanati,Anup Kumar Bharndari,Rudra Prasad Roy Gargi Sanati
WP/07/2021 Inclusive and Responsible Finance for Enterprises Development: Study of Mann Deshi Bank and Foundation December, 2021 Naveen Kumar K Naveen Kumar K
WP/06/2021 Do Emerging Markets Evaluate M&As Correctly? : Evidence from India December, 2021 N. K. Chidambaran,Dipali Krishnakumar,Madhvi Sethi Dipali Krishnakumar
WP/05/2021 Linkage between Credit Risk and Liquidity Risk in Indian Banks: A Comparison of the Pre & Post Basel 3 Conditions November, 2021 Arindam Bandyopadhyay, Mayuri Saxena Arindam Bandyopadhyay
WP/04/2021 Loan frauds and Bad Boy Billionaires: A new approach of loan fraud prevention using Natural Language Processing (NLP) November, 2021 Smita Roy Trivedi, Dipali Krishnakumar, Richa Verma Bajaj Smita Roy Trivedi
WP/03/2021 Into The Unknown: Uncertainty, Foreboding and Financial Markets November, 2021 Smita Roy Trivedi Smita Roy Trivedi
WP/02/2021 Sectoral Imbalance, Structural Change and Growth: How Different Are India and China? November, 2021 Partha Ray and Subhasankar Chattopadhyay Partha Ray
WP/01/2021 Digital Financial Inclusion: Policies and Business Models November, 2021 Deepankar Roy, Naveen Kumar K Deepankar Roy