National Institute of Bank Management, Pune

(An Autonomous Apex Institute Established by RBI & Banks)

( Registered as a Society under the Indian Societies Registration Act 1860
Recognized as a scientific and Industrial Research Organization by Department of Scientific
and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India )


About Library

 With its unique collection of more than 68500+ Books and 150 reputed international and national Journals (with bound volumes) in various disciplines, NIBM Library is the centre of attraction of academics, researchers and the banking fraternity across the country. Though the library has been built up mainly to cater to the needs of the banking and financial sector, it is well equipped in subjects like Economics, General Management, Leadership, Behavioural Sciences, Quantitative Methods, Sociology, Agriculture, Rural Development, Microfinance etc.

NIBM library receives newsletters, house journals, economic bulletins issued by various Indian banks. Apart from receiving important publications of various Indian Government agencies NIBM Library also receive publications of international institutions like International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Central Banks of various countries. The library also has a substantial collection of CD-ROMs, VCDs, microfiche, and audio tapes.

Library Timings

Monday to Friday                   9.00 am to 8.30 pm

Saturdays                               9.00 am to 5.30 pm

Sundays/ Holidays                 9.00 am to 5.30 pm



Library Holidays

The library is open on all days except three national holidays viz. January 26, August 15, and October 2 and a few festive holidays  like Holi, Gudi Padwa, International Labour Day, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussehra and Diwali.

Library Membership

Bankers, academicians, researchers belonging to reputed academic and research institutions and industries from Pune only can avail of the library services as per the rules (*). Please note that the revised membership fee is inclusive of service tax charges.

For any query, you may contact

Revised Library membership fees and fine (inclusive of GST at applicable rate)  

Category-wise Users

Revised Fees

(Including 18% GST)

Deposit (Refundable)

Book Limit

Daily Users /
Weekly Users

Rs. 59 per day

Rs.236.00 per week


No Books
Only Reference

    a)  Bankers
    b)  Individuals



Rs.1,180.00 p.a.



No books
Only Reference

Institutional Members/
Corporate Members


Rs.11,800.00 p.a.


No books
3 staff members to be
allowed access



Rs.5,900 p.a.


No books
Only Reference

PhD Students


Rs.1,180.00 p.a.

Rs 5000.00

Book Limit: 2 books ;

Period: 20 days
Fine: Rs.3/- per book per day for overdue period
Renewal: One time

PhD students registered  through / at NIBM




2 books ; Period: 30 days
Fine: Rs.3/- per book per day for overdue period
Renewal: One time


5 books  Period: 30 days
Fine: Rs.3/- per book per day for overdue period
Renewal: One time


Ex-NIBM Faculty/Staff

(Interested in borrowing facility)




2 books ; Period: 30 days
Fine: Rs.6/- per book per day for overdue period
Renewal: One time


5 books  Period: 30 days
Fine: Rs.6/- per book per day for overdue period
Renewal: One time

Ex-NIBM Faculty/Staff

(Interested in reference only)


No Deposit

No Books
Only Reference

Ex-Governing Board    Members  /  Ex-Chairmen of NIBM Governing Board

NIBM Fellow


Rs.1180.00 p.a.


No books
Only Reference


  • ­  Two copies of passport size photograph should be submitted along with Identity proof, address proof, Membership Fee and Deposit with completely filled application form.


  1. Individual Membership Form
  2. Corporate Membership Form 

Library Services

1.      Web OPAC: The entire Library collection including books, journals, etc. can be searched through the web enabled Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). Users can access the OPAC to find out the real-time availability of library materials from their own computer terminals.

2.      Inter Library Loan/Resource Sharing: Library has co-operative arrangements with other major libraries to get documents, which are not available in the NIBM Library. Faculty and researchers can avail this facility.

3.      Information Services: Library provides specific information services such as alert on upcoming conferences, news alerts, resource alerts, new arrivals, CAS, SDI, etc. to users.

4.      Reference and Research Services: Library staff support the faculty and researchers in various ways like conducting extensive literature surveys, preparation of subject bibliographies on any given topic, reading lists, database searches, etc.

5.      Photocopying: Photocopying facility is available on payment basis. However, photocopying of library materials should be done strictly according to the copyright regulations and as per library policy (other than books and copyrighted materials). Library will not be responsible for any copyright violations. Whenever in doubt, one should consult the library staff for clarifications.

6.      Training: Library arrange training for online databases subscribed by library and also organize library orientation session for new users

7.      Digital Library: The digital library is being created for internal users.  

8.      Banker’s Brief: The library renders a useful service to the top management of the banking industry through the publication of Bankers' Brief. It is a weekly service that provides an access to the information relating to the latest socio-economic developments which are very relevant to the banking industry.

Annual Subscription

    • Individual : Rs.375/-
    • Institutional : Rs.500/-

Facilities available

1.      Reading room: Library has specious reading room at ground floor.

2.    Multimedia machines: Four machines in the library are kept for watching VCD / DVD collection and for accessing the online databases subscribed.

3.      Wi-Fi Connectivity: Library is Wi-Fi connected which helps internal users to use their laptops for database searching, internet searching in the library.  


 Library is subscribing to following databases:

Sr No  Databases / Packages subscribed in 2020 


Journal Holdings(View pdf file) 

 Contact Us

 For any query, please contact:

 Mrs Bhakti Gole

National Institute of Bank Management
NIBM Post Office
Kondhwe Khurd
Pune 411048

Tel (EPABX) : 020-26716000
Tel (Library) : 020-26716306 (Direct) / 26716302 (Library Counter)

 “The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.” ― Albert Einstein



National Institute of Bank Management NIBM Post Office, Kondhwe Khurd
Pune 411 048, INDIA



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