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List of Training Programmes

Programme Name Start Date End Date Target Groups Coordinator Brochure
Live Online Programme on FEMA Regulations and Compliance for International Trade Transactions Jan. 4, 2022 Jan. 6, 2022 Middle and Senior Management from International Banking Division, category B branches, overseas branches and compliance departments Dr G Nagaraju
Online Programme on Human Resource Management in Banks and Financial Institutions (Focus: Strategic Workforce Planning & Change Management) Jan. 10, 2022 Jan. 14, 2022 HR Officers in Scale II to Scale V who are working in Personnel/ HRM Department at Corporate Office/ Zonal/Regional/Circle Offices. Dr Shomi Srivastava & Prof B Ashok
Live Online Conference of Heads of Treasury Departments Jan. 16, 2022 Jan. 16, 2022 Treasury Heads Dr G Nagaraju & Dr Jiji T Mathew TBA
Live Online Programme on Integrated Risk Management under Final Basel III Framework Jan. 17, 2022 Jan. 22, 2022 Middle and senior level officers of banks and financial institutions in Risk Management, ALM, TG. - Portfolio Management and Planning Departments. Risk Management professionals and can also attend the programme Dr Arindam Bandyopadhyay & Dr Tasneem Chherawala
On Campus/Online Programme on Governance, Risk & Compliance in Banks & Financial Institutions Jan. 17, 2022 Jan. 20, 2022 Officers responsible for ensuring good governance, Functional managers and dealing back office officers, Officers dealing with regulating compliance in banks and FIs at controlling offices, Other officers involved in Board/compliance function of organisation Dr Dipali Krishnakumar & Dr Kaushik Mukerjee
Live Online Programme on Operational Resilience in Digital and Automated Banking Jan. 19, 2022 Jan. 21, 2022 Middle and Senior Management in digital banking and IT departments Prof Anjan Roy TBA
Webinar on Banking and Financial Services Marketing in an Era of Digital Disruption Jan. 21, 2022 Jan. 21, 2022 Executives and managers in departments of banks and financial services Dr Sarita Bhatnagar & Prof Anjan Roy
Live online One-day Workshop on Issues in KYC Updation for NRI/OCI Accounts Jan. 29, 2022 Jan. 29, 2022 NRI Cells and branches with NRI accounts Dr G Nagaraju TBA
On Campus/Online Programme on Bond Portfolio Management with Trading Game Jan. 31, 2022 Feb. 5, 2022 Bond Dealers, Portfolio Managers, Fund & Investment Managers/Consultants, Financial Analysts, Mid / Back Office Professionals, Regulators, Compliance Staffs and Auditors, Managers of Corporate Treasuries, P.N.: Any Newcomer interested in Bond Markets are also encouraged to participate Dr Kedar nath Mukherjee
Live Online International Training Program on New Technologies inĀ Financial Inclusion and Development Feb. 2, 2022 Feb. 4, 2022 Seniour and Middle Management Dr Naveen Kumar K
Live Online Training Programme on Analysing Financial Statements as per Ind AS/IFRS Feb. 7, 2022 Feb. 11, 2022 Executives working in Credit Departments of Banks and NBFCs Dr Dipali Krishnakumar
Live Online Programme on Public Procurement Processes: Principles and Practices Feb. 7, 2022 Feb. 8, 2022 Officers irrespective of their Scale/Grade involve in Public Procurement Processes in Banks and Financial Institutions Dr Shomi Srivastava & Prof B Ashok
Live Online Programme on Market Risk Capital Charges: Internal Models and Regulatory Approaches Feb. 7, 2022 Feb. 12, 2022 Middle and senior-level executives who are dealing with Market Risk management in the Risk Management and Treasury Departments of banks, NBFCs and financial institutions Prof Sanjay Basu & Dr Tasneem Chherawala
Live online Programme in Fundamental Factors for Treasury and Market Risk Feb. 9, 2022 Feb. 11, 2022 G sec treasury dealers, Money market dealers, Forex spot dealers, Forex swap dealers, Treasury middle office functionaries, Risk management officers in charge of market risk Dr. Jiji T Mathew & Dr G Nagaraju
Live Online Programme on Organisational Transformation for a Post Pandemic World Feb. 10, 2022 Feb. 11, 2022 Senior and middle management officers from Banks and Financial Institutions. Bankers in leadership positions like Regional Managers would especially find the programme more relatable and translatable Prof B Ashok & Dr Shomi Srivasatava
Online Workshop on FEMA Provisions for ECBs and Trade Credits Feb. 14, 2022 Feb. 15, 2022 B category branches, Overseas branches, FEMA compliance Officers Dr. Jiji T Mathew & Dr G Nagaraju
Live Online Training Programme on Financial Derivatives (Focus: Structuring, Valuation, Trading and Risk Management in Interest Rate, Currency, and Credit Derivatives) Feb. 14, 2022 Feb. 19, 2022 Learning Level: Intermediate to Advanced Dr Kedar nath Mukherjee & Dr Tasneem Chherawala
Live Online Training Programme In Technical Analysis For Dealers Feb. 15, 2022 Feb. 19, 2022 Front office dealers employed in treasuries in banks and non-banking financial institutions, executives in corporate treasuries, traders (retail/institutional), fund managers, and financial markets analysts. Dr Smita Roy Trivedi
Online Programme on Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantee Business of Banks Feb. 16, 2022 Feb. 18, 2022 Junior/middle/senior level officers from AD (B) category branches, international banking division handling internal forex policy, correspondent banking, compliance, risk monitoring, credit, etc. CA Rajesh Ramakrishnan & Prof Rabinarayan Panda
Live Online Programme Business Analysis with Time Series and Panel Data: Application in R and Other Software Feb. 16, 2022 Feb. 19, 2022 Risk Managemer, Analysists (Risk Management Department and Business Analysis) Dr. Gargi Sanati TBA
On Campus/Online Financing Farmer Producer Companies and Agri MSMEs Feb. 16, 2022 Feb. 18, 2022 Branch Managers/Assistant Branch Managers from Rural and Semi Urban Centers, Credit Officers handling Agriculture & MSME loans, Field Officers/ Agriculture Officers/ Agriculture Development Officers, Officers handling Agriculture & MSME credit in RO, ZO and HO, NBFCs Dr Naveen Kumar K & Shri Satyajit Diwedi
Live Online Programme on Digital Marketing in Banking (Focus: Social Media and Analytics) Feb. 21, 2022 Feb. 24, 2022 Middle and senior officers from Marketing, Digital Marketing, Digital Banking, Customer Relationship Management, Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Customer Experience , Customer Service, Retail Banking and IT Departments at the Head Office and from Controlling Offices as well as branch officials, Business leaders and managers, CMOs, product managers, marketing managers, online marketing and software development executives, consultants, digital and social media analysts Dr Sarita Bhatnagar & Dr. Deepankar Roy
Online Programme on Business Growth and Profitability of Large Branches of Banks (Focus: Managing Key Customer Account Relationships) Feb. 21, 2022 Feb. 24, 2022 Branch managers and their deputies of large and very large branches of banks. Prof Anjan Roy
Live Online Programme in Forex Dealing with Bourse Game Feb. 21, 2022 Feb. 26, 2022 Newly recruited forex dealers, Other functionaries of treasury such as back office and mid office, Auditors and inspectors who undertake routine auditing of dealing room business Dr Gargi Sanati and Dr Jiji Mathew
Live Online Training Programme on Credit Risk Rating Feb. 21, 2022 Feb. 23, 2022 Officers/executives/professionals posted or who are likely to be posted in the Risk Management/Economic Research/Analytical Division/ Credit Department. Dr Elizabeth James & Dr Dipali Krishnakumar
Live Online Programme on Demystifying Statistical Techniques for Risk Management Feb. 21, 2022 Feb. 26, 2022 Executives/officers/professionals posted or who are likely to be posted in the Risk Management/ Economic Research/Analytical Division. Some prior knowledge of statistics is assumed Dr Arindam Bandyopadhyay & Prof Sanjay Basu
Live Online Programme on Forex Risk management, Instruments and Regulations Feb. 22, 2022 Feb. 24, 2022 Junior, middle, IB, Fx Treasury Dr G Nagaraju TBA
Online Advanced Programme in Trade Finance for Bankers and Internal Auditors Feb. 23, 2022 Feb. 25, 2022 Officers in Middle and Senior management grade of Authorised Dealer (B-category) branches/offices dealing with Trade Finance, International Banking, Foreign Exchange Business and Internal auditors. Prof Rabinarayan Panda & CA Rajesh Ramakrishnan
Live Online Programme on Talent Risk - Responses to the Emerging Challenges Feb. 25, 2022 Feb. 25, 2022 Senior Management level Officers and Executives working in Risk Management and HR from Banks and FIs Prof B Ashok & Dr Shomi Srivasatava TBA
Live Online Programme on Frauds in Digital Environment: Controls, Detection and Countermeasures Feb. 28, 2022 March 2, 2022 Officials involved in banking and IT operations. In particular officials from Fraud Management, Operations, IT, Digital, Credit, Compliance, Cyber and Information Security Dr Deepankar Roy & Dr Alka Vaidya
Workshop on Legal aspects of Credit Management (Focus on: Legal & Regulatory aspects in Documentation, Credit Management and Recovery) March 2, 2022 March 4, 2022 Middle and Junior Level Executives/Officers from Branches, Regional Offices, Zonal Offices and Head Office of banks and financial Institutions. Dr Naveen Kumar K & Prof Satyajit Diwedi
Live Online Programme on Virtual Training Design- A Learner Centered Approach for Effectiveness March 7, 2022 March 8, 2022 Faculty members of Apex Colleges, OfficersTraining Colleges & Staff Training Centres; and officers working in L&D from Banks and Fis Prof B Ashok & Dr Shomi Srivasatava TBA
Live online Programme on Risk Management under Basel Regime for First Time Risk Managers March 7, 2022 March 12, 2022 Senior and Middle level officers from Banks and other FIs Dr Kedar nath Mukherjee & Dr Tasneem Chherawala TBA
March 7, 2022 March 10, 2022 Middle Management Dr Naveen Kumar K TBA
Online Programme on Export Finance and Export credit guarantee schemes. March 9, 2022 March 11, 2022 Officers in junior/middle/senior management grade dealing with Trade Finance, International Banking, and Foreign Exchange Business Rajesh Ramakrishnan TBA
Live Online training Programme on Role and Functioning of Audit Committee of the Board March 10, 2022 March 11, 2022 Independent Directors, Nominee and Executive Directors, Board Secretary and potential members of Audit Committees Dr Dipali Krishnakumar & Dr Richa Verma Bajaj
e-ITEC Online Training Programme on Financial Inclusion and Development (Only for ITEC sponsored participants) March 14, 2022 March 18, 2022 Senior and Middle Mananagement Dr Naveen Kumar K TBA
Live online Programme on International Banking and Foreign Exchange Business March 15, 2022 March 18, 2022 Junior, middle, Senior officers from IB, B category branches, Overseas branches Dr Jiji T Mathew & Dr G Nagaraju TBA
Live Online Programme on Lending to MSME and Retail March 15, 2022 March 19, 2022 Credit Officers in branches, as well as middle and senior managers in business credit and retail credit division from banks, NBFCs, Cooperative Institutions, Credit Rating Agencies, Credit Information Bureaus and other Lending Organizations. Dr Elizabeth James
On Campus/Live Online Programme Faculty Development Programme for Bank Staff Training College Faculty for Effective Training March 22, 2022 March 25, 2022 Faculty members in Staff Training Colleges and Regional Training Centres of banks, Bankers intending to take up a role as a faculty Dr Kaushik Mukerjee
Live Online Trade Finance Programme for Beginners (EXPORTS, IMPORTS ,REMITTANCES ,LETTER OF CREDIT AND BANK GUARANTEE- FEMA, FEDAI ,RBI regulations/ Guidelines with Focus on Operational Issues ) March 22, 2022 March 25, 2022 Junior Officers , new recruits , officers to be trained under sucession planning posted /to be posted to Trade Finance, International Banking, and Foreign Exchange department Prof Rabinarayan Panda & Prof. Rajesh Ramakrishnan. TBA