National Institute of Bank Management, Pune

(An Autonomous Apex Institute Established by RBI & Banks)

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Faculty List

Dr Arindam Bandyopadhyay
Designation: Associate Professor, Dean Consultancy
Qualification: M.Sc. (Economics), Calcutta University, M.Phil, JNU, Ph.D., JNU
Specialization: Finance; Credit Risk; Corporate Financing Pattern
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Dr Dipali Krishnakumar
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: CA, MBA, Ph.D
Specialization: Finance/Accounting/IFRS

Dr Elizabeth James
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.COM. (Financial Management), Ph.D
Specialization: Corporate Finance,Credit Analysis and Management, Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Prof Harish Kant Kaushik
Designation: Visiting Faculty(Finance )
Qualification: B.Com (Delhi University), CAIIB, Insolvency Professional
Specialization:  Infrastructure & Project Finance, Credit Risk and Management, NPA Management and IBC-2016

Dr Kedar nath Mukherjee
Designation: Assistant Professor(Finance )
Qualification: M.Com. (Accounting & Control), M.Phil. (Commerce), Ph.D.(Business Management)
Specialization: Finance; Fixed Income Markets; Market Risk; Financial Derivatives
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Dr M Manickaraj
Designation: Associate Professor and Associate Dean (Education)
Qualification: M.Com.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.
Specialization:  Equity Investment Management; Credit Analysis; Financing SMEs; Carbon Finance

Dr Rakesh Gupta
Designation: Industry Expert as Assistant Professor(Finance )
Qualification: MBA, PhD, Dip in Microfinance, Certified Compliance Officer
Specialization:  Development and Rural Finance, Compliance, Retail & Recovery

Dr Richa Verma Bajaj
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: MBA (Finance), MIB, Ph.D.
Specialization:  Risk Management (Credit and Operational Risk); Credit Management

Prof Sanjay Basu
Designation: Associate Professor & Associate Dean (Research)
Qualification: M.Sc.(Economics, Calcutta Univ.), Fellow (IIM, Calcutta)
Specialization: Fixed income Portfolio Management; Market Risk Management; Asset Liability Management; Applied Contract Theory; Game Theory

Prof Siddharth Kumar Bajpai
Designation: Industry Expert as Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc.(Physics), CAIIB
Specialization: Corporate & SME Finance, Credit Monitoring, High Value Credit Audit

Dr Tasneem Chherawala
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification:  M.S.(QE), PhD
Specialization:  Risk Management and Quantitative Risk Models for Credit and Market Risk; Bank Capital Structures; Financial Derivatives; Project Finance and Loan Syndication